A Second Book

I have referred to Get Beyond Your Troubled Past as the book I had to write. By this I mean my job search approach needed to evolve from notes, lesson plans, and thoughts, into a manuscript. This has happened and the book will soon be published. 

However there's another story I need to tell. One that's related to Get Beyond Your Troubled Past but moves the spotlight from the challenged person to the organization or institution tasked with providing help. Check my For Whom page and you'll see one of the target audiences for this book is Helping Professionals. I have more for this group and my second book will be the vehicle. 

Here's the thing though, I believe the employment re-entry status quo, like much that falls under the social services heading, is largely ineffective and in need of fixing. What we have now operates at the margins of the Marketplace and, as a practical matter, is all but ignored by the real movers and shakers of our economy.

I'll be introducing my thoughts on this subject as the next book comes together. 

Stay Tuned.