Adding Resources

Library 01.jpg

Initially I considered adding a Resources section to the back of Get Beyond Your Troubled Past

I've decided to put it on this site instead, in part because I'd like an opportunity to connect with readers interested enough to visit. This falls under the "tiny marketing steps" category. I realize that visiting and connecting are not necessarily the same, but like this site, it gets the ball rolling.

Another reason for doing it this way is that I'll build and change it over time, categorized by key concepts found in the book. 

So that's the plan.

Elliot Bay Books 01.jpg

As for the top picture - I have no idea where the place is or was, but it looks pretty cool to me. Imagine combining it with Grouchy John's?

I guess it would be something like the original Elliott Bay Book Co. on First and Main in Seattle. My inaugural visit there was in March of 1980 and I took to it right away. It's hard to imagine Pioneer Square without it. 

Stay Tuned.