A Process With Lots Of Noodling

Grouchy John's Chronicle 150202

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For me, planning the day is best done in the morning. Some folks are at their peak in the evening, night even. But not me, not even close.

So my frequent AM stops at GJC have proven to be a just what the doctor ordered.

Here's a picture taken one weekday morning in late January. It was just after daybreak, in between waves of morning customers.

Much of the planning and some of the editing for Get Beyond Your Troubled Past has been done at GJC. I've no intention to change this - the latte, the ambiance, and the time of day, all work for me.

Oh yes, I'm happy to report to my readers (both of you) that the print edition is close to becoming a reality. Kevin's taken new head shots and the full cover layout's reached the final stage. 

Stay tuned.