Get Beyond It All @ Patreon

On May 26, 2018 launched. I consider it a "soft" launch (there's still more to do). Still, we are now up and ready to meet Patrons. Click the address link and take a peak. While there, check out the first two (short) posts reviewing why Patrons are so important and my content goals for the next 12 months.

Gaining a following and receiving support on Patreon will take time, effort, and productivity. I know this. Nevertheless, the time is right. Patrons expect content goals to be met (of course) and so do I. There's a great deal more I have to share about Reentry. More writing, more research, more connecting. Patreon and Patrons will assist in making this happen.

Outlined below are Get Beyond It All Patron tiers. The first three are straight forward and similar to tiers you'll find on many Patreon creator sites. Number four, however, is not. This tier is designed for Patrons that want to support my efforts AS WELL AS other organizations doing important work in the Reentry field. 

Please check out and the tier info below.

And pass the word. 

Thank you.

Patreon Tier Details

Tier 1

$3 per month

Access to patron-only posts

Tier 2

$10 per month

Access to Patron-only posts

Tier 2 Supporters will receive, each quarter (beginning the second quarter of 2018) a single topic reentry eBook, 20 to 30 pages in length. Each eBook will highlight in detail a specific area pertinent to those reentering and the reentry process. The inaugural eBook will highlight face-to-face Introductions, so important to background-challenged persons reconnecting with life and work.

Tier 3

$30 per month

Access to Patron-only posts

Quarterly eBook (same as above)

Signed copy of Get Beyond Your Troubled Past 

As a Tier 3 Supporter, you will receive a signed hard copy of Get Beyond Your Troubled Past. Published in 2015, it introduces the Get Beyond It All approach, laying the foundation for the Quarterly eBooks and future full-length reentry related works.

Tier 4 - Sponsor

$150/+ per month

Access to Patron-only posts

Quarterly eBook (same as above)

Signed copy of Get Beyond Your Troubled Past (same as above)

Tier 4 Sponsorship makes available Get Beyond It All training workshops and materials directly to non-profit reentry programs. Fifty percent of all Tier 4 support is set aside for grants available to established and vetted non-profit reentry programs. The value of this Fund and the names of all recipient programs, will be posted and regularly updated for all Patrons to view.

Beginning January 1, 2019, eligible reentry programs will be considered on a 50/50 match basis (half from the Fund and half from the program) for use in purchasing training and/or instructional materials. 

The purpose of the Tier 4 Fund is to off-set a portion of the cost of reentry training. Instructional and training dollars are at a premium for nearly all reentry non-profits. The goal is to provide a significant front-end discount thereby assisting organizations in stretching limited program resources and making it easier for them to attract local benefactors on a cost sharing basis.