Tributes and Book Reviews

See what others have to say about the book Get Beyond Your Troubled Past written by career strategist, relationship trainer and speaker, John Jeffrey Lundell. 

John has mastered a successful method of enlightening his students’ minds and spirits. He has a gift as an inspirational speaker, he empowers his students with encouragement.
— Lisa L.
I have to be honest there were times when I didn’t think I was going to pull it off but your knowledge and assurance saw me through those mental blocks. Thank you.
— Rich E.
Your classes were great confidence re-builders and I took to heart everything I relearned about myself. Thank you for the boost.
— Beth C.
Your one-on-one sessions helped me realize that I have to focus on the now and not think about the past or live for the future ... be In the moment ... always be on and play the part.
— Chris W.
Pretty much everything you covered in the class has been borne out in my experience on the job.
— John M.
I want to thank you for the valuable information and I consider this one of the reasons for my success in finding employment so quickly.
— Chad P.
Your classes in particular were a real-world game plan that extended me the confidence to go out and make it happen.
— Jason M.
I really enjoyed your classes and the `unique` way in which you taught them. Very straightforward, refreshing and exciting as well. I am `awake`!
— Cathleen Q.
The classes were very helpful and the training was outstanding.
— Peter C.
Very authentic and helpful, got me two jobs. I used the info, it was fantastic. I recommend people take the info to heart and use the lessons and materials
— Larry B.
You were great, best advice anyone could have given me.
— Lora F.